At Berman & Pollinger, we have an almost unnatural ability to get results with our Private Client Members.  We help our clients define and realize their wildest dreams. An extraordinary life and business where nothing is impossible.
Our Private Client Members represent the elite in the businesses of luxury real estate, premier financial services and wealth management.   For them, good enough is never good enough.  They never settle.
At Berman & Pollinger, we serve as catalysts for change.  We turn problems into opportunities, reframe difficulties, and empower people.  Our team uses our insider access and elusive information to uncover solutions. We help create something from nothing, to turn messes into miracles.
Our clients know they are special. “One size fits all” solutions or programs are for the masses, not the exceptional.  We work with each person to design flexible, win/win solutions.  Bringing your wildest dreams to life is our goal and mission.
When you have been let down, held back or boxed in by mentoring, coaching or training that serves the mediocre, give us a call.  We get you.  We believe that there is more, something greater than us as individuals.  Greater than what we see.  We stand in defiance of perceived “reality”, believing the limits we have are typically self-imposed  It’s what fuels us to lead our clients into the enchanted, expectational and inspired to live their dreams.
What is life as a Private Client Member with Berman & Pollinger like?
Being a Private Client Member is so much more than a plan to grow your business. It is a chance to connect with other leaders in luxury real estate all over the world. Surround yourself with a group of like-minded luxury business people. Those who believe that they should run the businesses, not the other way around.  Others who are finding the perfect time and money balance for them in each season of their lives.
If you are a single operator or have a small team and you are serious about growing your business, making more money, and having more fun in the process, then you’ve found the right place.
We’ve identified the common patterns and the challenges that hold those who work in luxury back. And we’ve seen that these obstacles evolve as the business grows.
Developing the Luxury CEO Mindset
This is the critical mindset for growing teams and businesses. The CEO mindset will help you stay with your goals and think like a business owner. This is also where you define vision, mission and the life you want. The CEO mindset affords the inclusion of a wholistic view of you and your leadership.
Developing the Luxury CMO Mindset
This is the critical mindset for hacking exponential growth. The CMO mindset leverages human phycology, research and cutting edge innovation. This is where you turn your business into a money making machine. The CMO mindset takes an omni-channel, wholistic view of your brand and messaging.
Developing the Luxury COO Mindset
This is the critical mindset for hacking scaled and profitable growth. The COO mindset creates leverage while implementing systems. This is where you convert your practice into a business. The COO mindset takes a business and systems view for large scale growth.
Developing the Luxury CFO Mindset
This is the critical mindset for building wealth. The CFO mindset lets you know your numbers & use them to grow your business. To break the seven figure annual profit barrier, it’s all about the numbers and tax strategy. The CFO mindset takes a financial view to build and preserve wealth.
How does the Private Client Program work?
We have built our framework on the three distinct stages of growth.  As luxury advisors, we can give you what you need to know now. As well as, what we know you’re going to need next as your business grows.  We’re part consultants. We’re part educators. We’re part coaches. But really, we are your well connected friend who can see into the future in ways others can’t.  We keep you positioned ahead of the curves and your competition.  It all starts with the end in mind.

Success – Stability – Salability

The keys to long term growth.
The first stage is to focus on success.  This is where the business is personality driven and are making up to $500k in annual EBITA (Profit).
Here’s a secret no one tells you, the financial success of your business has little to do with your intelligence.  It also has little to do with how good of an operator you are.  What matters is whether you understand the business of running a business. Until you learn how to build and manage a business, you’re going to struggle. You’re working way too many hours, make way too little money, and will soon find yourself miserable and burnt out.
We work with each of our Private Client Member to define your goals, dreams and vision.  We then work hand in hand with you and your team to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  You’ll learn how to sidestep common mistakes that hold many agents back. You’ll learn how to attract clients  that you actually enjoy working with. You’ll learn how to make more money ,have more fun and live an incredible life in the process.
First, we determine what the revenue number is that you need to live the life you want. Not the life you are settling for, but the one where your kids can go to any school they want. It’s the amount you need to buy your dream house, and take a real vacation. Then we make a plan for your business.  It is uniquely yours, for your brand, for your goals and for your market.
The plan ties to performance, metrics and goals. We build it with experienced outside CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s. Each with decades of experience working with the most successful and most profitable organizations in the luxury space.
All you have to do is commit to the goal, and get to work. We are unapologetic in our drive to see you become wildly successful. To achieve your dreams, and see the fruits of your labor and investment harvested in spades.
The second stage of focus is on building stability.  This takes your business past personality. Into a strategically leveraged, systems based, business. A business that consistently generates between $500k-$1.5 million in annual EBITA (Profit)  Our test for stability is whether you can take off three months, without your cell phone, and come back to a thriving business.  To make this leap, this is going to take some systems, support and adding new skill sets.
But the challenge you’re likely facing in this stage is how to turn your practice into a business.  Right now, your practice is heavily dependent on you. If you went on vacation for three months days, your practice would grind to a halt. In this stage, you’ll learn how to create a business with systems in place that will allow your business to thrive, with or without your day to day effort.
Upgrading your practice into a business allows you to work reasonable hours. It allows you the flexibility to spend time with your family. It gives you the opportunity to take vacations without worrying about what’s happening in the officeUltimately, it allows you to make more money and have a better quality of life doing it.
Once the business is successful and stable, we turn our focus to legacy value.  This takes your medium sized team or office into the rarified air we define of $1.5 million + in annual EBITA (Profit).  But more importantly, this is where you can start scaling back on your own personal effort you are spending in the business.  The key here is not that you want to sell your business, but rather that you have structured it so you can.
Very few in the business of luxury real estate, premier financial services or wealth management will ever achieve a million and a half dollars annually in profit, let alone consistently earn it.  Here is where we start transcending success and getting into significance.  You’ve got money, time and can tap into new revenue sources.  You can duplicate your business into new locations.  You can continue to expand without sacrificing like you did in your early days.  You can live any life you choose to live.  You will have transformed into the elite.
Benefits and Pricing
Private Client Member: $500-$1500/mo + $1,500 onboarding
Our recommendation for single operators and small teams with less than $1.5 million in annual profit.
Private Client Member Benefits:
  • Initial business and personal evaluation and benchmarking
  • Marketing evaluation
  • Luxury Archetype Assessment and Profile Playbook
  • Core Value Assessment and Ideal Client Guide
  • Inherent Strengths Assessment and Summary
  • Co-development of a business, marketing and tracking plan for your business.
  • Unlimited Access by member to our staff via email, text and phone.
  • Personal license to the entire B&P collection for your team.
Option 1 ($500/mo + $1,500 one time onboarding fee) – also includes a 30 min monthly check-in.
Option 2 ($1000/mo + $1,500 one time onboarding fee) – also includes bi-weekly 60 min dedicated calls for coaching, consulting and implementation, plus 4 hours a month of our staff’s time to work on projects unique to you.
Option 3 ($1500/mo + $1,500 one time onboarding fee) – also includes weekly 60 min dedicated calls for coaching, consulting and implementation, plus 8 hours a month of our staff’s time to work on projects unique to you.

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