Professional Speakers for Luxury Events

Keynotes, Hosts, Emcees, Sessions, Panels, Subject Matter Experts (SME's)

If you are looking for professional speakers for luxury events, we can handle it all. We work with the top elite in the luxury real estate space, and if we canpersonally host or moderate your event guaranteed we will know someone who would be a perfect fit. I have personally been trained for on-camera hosting by Marki Costello, an esteemed coach and manager for on-air hosts and television personalities in Hollywood. In this year alone, Chris and I have been featured as the luxury experts at, Realogy, Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate, moderating a real estate technology event for Harvard Business School as well as The Real Deal among dozens of others.


Jennifer Berman

Jennifer Berman

Keynote, Breakout, Moderator and Panelist
She’s charismatic, connected, and recognized. She’s in demand because she’s worked for it. She has the trillion dollar database and she understands the world of luxury real estate better than anyone else.

Specialties: Luxury Real Estate, International Real Estate, Real Estate Management, Team Building, Luxury Agent Building, Brokerage Recruiting, Women in Leadership

Chris Pollinger

Chris Pollinger

Keynote, Breakout, Moderator and Panelist
He’s brilliant, empowering, and efficient. He’s the problem solver who’s motivated by driving profitability through unique solutions.

Specialties: Luxury Real Estate, Real Estate Brokerage, Team Building, Brokerage Operations, Recruiting and Retention, Real Estate Trends, Leadership, Private Client Service

Jennifer Berman and Chris Pollinger

Jennifer Berman and Chris Pollinger

Tandem Sessions, Breakouts, Moderators and Panelists
Together they are an unstoppable force.

Specialties: Luxury Real Estate, Real Estate Brokerage, Team Building, Recruiting and Retention, Luxury Real Estate Trends

Professional Speakers for Luxury Events Pricing


Speaking Fees:


Professional Keynotes: $5,000/60 min + Travel and Expense (T&E)

Professional Hosting or Emcee Services: $7,500/day + T&E

Professional Session Speaker: $3,500/90 min + T&E

Professional Panel Moderator or Subject Matter Expert Participant: $2,500/60 min + T&E


Investment Includes:


  • Pre-Event Promotion
  • Complementary Digital Download for Attendees
  • Follow-up with Attendees with Additional Complementary Resources


Our Travel and Expense Policy:


We are more careful with our client’s resources than we are with our own and avoid overspending or unnecessary costs. We may contract with hotels and agencies to get the best possible prices. We’ll also aim for the most reasonable option when we can. For example, we prefer booking plane tickets in economy class, unless there is reason for upgraded travel.

  • Accommodation. Business hotels that are generally 3 to 4 stars, higher grade hotels are only appropriate for events or conferences if the hotel is hosting the event.
  • Air, train, ship or other transportation fares. Coach fare reimbursed for flights under 2.5 hours, business class for trips more than 2.5 hours.
  • Local transportation during trips. Taxi, ride share fairs, metro, public transportation, tolls. Rental cars of intermediate class or smaller.
  • Meals and incidentals. Up to $75.00 per day when traveling for business for meals and incidentals.

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