Strategic Plan – Single Office Brokerage

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For this company, the new executives had discovered numerous strengths in the organization as well as critical barriers to success. These qualities were even more significant given the goal to grow the business at a rate significantly above the historical. While doing so, they were expected to maintain the culture of the organization that is deemed valuable and productive by both your superiors and subordinates.

The company’s success depended on the creation and successful implementation of a powerful strategy through an organization with the right people in the right roles acting in concert with one another. Past success in building successful relationships with clients and peers served them well. Further, the new team had a finite amount of time to demonstrate that they were the right people to lead the organization at this time.


- Develop a strategic business and financial plan that increases EBITA, focusing on both increasing revenue and decreasing expenses with focused efficiencies.

- Provide a professional, external sounding board for you.

- Develop an integration process to accelerate your success.

- Provide a professional, expert view of the talent at the top of the organization.

- Develop a clear, compelling strategy.

- Develop and use a simple though powerful implementation plan.

- Increase the cooperation and collaboration among the top leaders to ensure attainment of the goals.

The Measures of Success

- A successful implementation of the strategic plan and its designed outcomes.

- Increase in revenue while maintaining profit margin.

- Evidence that the strategy and goals are clear and that behaviors are aligned in support of the plans.


- ROI was 243% within the evaluation period.

- Decrease in time to market with new ideas and approaches by 60 days over historical.

- Acceleration of positive impact in the market with recruiting up 28% and per-person-productivity up 34%.

- Created a useful framework for decision making, that became a legacy value to the company.

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