Consumer Uncertainty Amongst COVID-19

Consumer Uncertainty Amongst COVID-19
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Consumer Uncertainty Amongst COVID-19

Discover how Covid-19, safer at home policies, trillions of dollars in government stimulus is disrupting the real estate landscape. Listen to an industry expert discuss changing buyer, seller and investor attitudes and perspectives. Learn how you can take advantages of these shifts to your advantage. Session will overview swings, trends and projections in the following:

• Residential Real Estate – From middle America to the more volatile coastal regions, how will the process of buying and selling residential real estate change in a post-Covid world?

• Luxury Real Estate – From the resurgence of second homes in non-urban environments to self-sustained properties, learn where the wealthy are shifting their attention.

• Commercial Real Estate – How will the mandatory test of remote employees affect the future of office space? How will the decimation of the hospitality and restaurant industries change space allocations?

• International Real Estate – Who is the big winners and losers on the international real estate stage?

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