B&P Recruiting Roadmap

B&P Recruiting Roadmap
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B&P Recruiting Roadmap Infographic
  1. Evaluate each office and staff member.  B&P Tools: Recruiting Calculator, Core Vales, Inherent Strengths, Archetype, Visual Storyboarding, etc.
  2. Create strategic multi-channeled recruiting systems for each office. B&P Tools: Personality Based Prospecting, Recruiting Plan & Budget, Manger Time Assessment, etc.
  3. Implement accountability driven tracking systems. B&P Tools: Mastermind System, Recruiting Dashboard, Hiring Process, 42 Day Sprint, Leadership Self-Checks and Assessments, Mega Manager System, etc.
  4. Level up the manager’s coaching abilities to provide added value recruiting strategies and increase per-person-productivity.  B&P Tools: Agent Analytic, Private Client Program, Business to Business Program, Niche Marketing Programs, etc.