The Magic Question Dialog is a sampling of the dialogs we encourage our clients to use in our coaching and mentoring program.  All of them build on our Core Systems of the Private Client Group, Business to Business Group and Niche Marketing Programs.  At the end of the day, we believe that every conversation you have is an opportunity to develop a new client.  Especially if you are talking to someone who shares one or more of your Core Values.  To see all the posted dialogs click here.

Our Magic Question Dialog can be used anywhere and everywhere.  It is the fundamental question to qualify new people for your PCG.  The Magic Question Dialog can be used while in line at the store, at Starbucks, or a birthday party.


“If you, or a family member or friend had a real estate need, do you have someone you’d refer them to?”


If they don’t, follow with,


“May I have the honor of earning your trust?”

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