We started teaching growing a Business to Business group with Private Client service back in 2003.  We’ve been practicing it since the mid 90’s.

The real estate industry is polarizing.  There is a group of agents and brokers who are driving down cost by shifting from a client advocate to a facilitator.  The other side, are the professionals who are raising the bar and taking their service into the realms of wealth management.

While there are many layers to the program to get the returns we have come to expect, today we are sharing the Business to Business  group (B2B) overview in hopes that it helps raise the bar of service within the industry.

It’s important to note, this program builds on our Private Client Group (PCG) program and it’s affiliated VIP benefits.




Being successful in business is less about having all the answers yourself than knowing where you can access expertise. Since you can’t know everyone, you often rely on your friends or trusted colleagues for referrals, which is where your professional network comes in handy.  It’s also key to developing in-bound referrals each year.

The basic truth of all business, but especially in real estate, is that people do business with people they know, like and trust.  Happily, this program works both ways. The more people who know you or about you, the more business will come your way.

Creating an extensive professional network is not nearly as time-consuming or intimidating as you might think, but it does take conscious effort.

Your B2B group is a group with whom you have a professional relationship, either as a colleague, vendor, or client, and who have expertise in various areas. The relationship is reciprocal, in that your B2B group receives as much value from the relationship as you expect to get.

Your B2B group can fill several functions in building your business. It can help you develop a strong professional network, tap into expertise and knowledge, help you resolve problems or at least point toward someone who might help you, and of course, provide referrals to you.

Where you take it is endless with the potential of exponential growth.  Our experience uses a 4 to 1 benchmark for referrals annually with this group.  Meaning, for every person you have in this group, you should be receiving four referrals a year once the relationship is established and seasoned.




Make a list of those businesses that are professional services that serve the same client pool as you do.

Start with those you have referred people to, then go to those you do business with, then to those you’d like to do business with.

You want to target businesses where you can talk directly with the owner,  Avoid franchises and establishments that have mediocre product or service, unless you consider yourself a discounter.

Remember these people will be a reflection of you and your business and you want to make sure they reflect well and understand the referral and edification process.

Also look for people who are not real estate vendors and those who are in an industry that requires disposable income.


B2B Dialog –


“I really appreciate the VIP level of service you have provided me and the clients that I have referred to you. 


I know that from time to time you come across people with real estate needs.  I just want to let you know that I will make it a priority to give them the same level of VIP service, just make sure they let me know you sent them so that I may promote you in the process.”




  1. Decide to add one person a month to your B2B group.
  2. Use the following list to trigger your memory as to those you already know.
  3. Start networking to fill in the other slots.
  4. Find ways to drive value to each of these people on an ongoing basis.
  5. Stay in touch monthly with each person.



The List


Business and Work


New Business Specialist:

Career Consultant/Planner:

Graphic Artist:

Printer/Copy Place:

Turnaround Business Expert:

Corporate Trainer:

Professional Networker:

Internet Marketing Expert:

Web Presence Provider:

Personal Marketer:

Business Coach:

Mortgage Rep:

Closing Services:

Home Inspector:

Marketing Coach:

Professional Writer :

Computer Consultant:

Software Consultant:




Money and Legal


Small Business Attorney:

Real Estate Attorney:

Tax Attorney:

International Attorney:

Estate Attorney:

Copyright/Trademark Attorney:

Criminal Attorney:

Financial Planner:


Commercial Realtor:

Venture Capitalist:






Bookkeeper/Bill Paying Service:

Grant Writer:

Property Manager:

Money Manager:



Personal and Health




M.D.—Cosmetic Surgeon:





N.D. (Naturopath):

Massage Therapist:



Fitness Trainer:




Therapist—Attention Deficit Disorder Expert:


Fertility Expert:

Dentist/Cosmetic Dentist:

Speech Therapist:



Personal Services



Travel Agent:

Event Planner:


Professional Gift Service:

Portrait Photographer:





Auto Mechanic/Car Care:


Air Conditioning/Heating Repair:


Professional Organizers:

Personal Concierge/Errand Service:

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter:

Good Book Maven:

Interior Designer:






Skin Care Specialist/Spa:

Personal Assistant (Virtual):

Healthy Food Delivery:

Spiritual Advisor:


Image/Color Consultant:

Communication Coach:


Party Planner:

Favorite Restaurant Owner:

Personal Assistant (Real):

Personal Trainer:

Personal Coach:


Personal Makeover Coach:

Feng Shui Consultant:

Visual Artist Consultant:



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