US Luxury Real Estate Stats – May 2021
Each month we take a look at the US Luxury Real Estate Stats.  Admittedly the numbers skew in luxury from pocket to pocket, but keeping an eye on the trends in a year over year, five and ten year gives us some very interesting insights.  Here are this month’s averages and best performers in each […]
5 Hacks Of The Uber Productive
The uber productive use “hacks” to shortcut the process and re-write the rules. Every human has the same 24 hours a day. How we use them dictates what the direction and velocity towards our life’s goals. While historical time management theory looks to make incremental improvement.  Here are five secrets the uber productive use to […]
5 Signs It's Time For Your Team To Move
Wondering if it’s time for your team to move another brokerage? Or perhaps you are thinking about venturing out on your own. Moving a team is going to have a cost. Time, money and momentum are all going to take a hit. Is it worth it in the long run? Maybe. Here are five signs it’s […]
Free Money for your business with ARPA and CARES acts
I am taking a break from my usual posts to tell you a story about a special program we’ve discovered that’s changed our clients lives. It’s the JLW Credits Audit. Since we’ve been using it, we’ve discovered tens of thousands of unclaimed credits and government subsidies available through the ARPA and CARES Acts for EACH of […]
Seven ways to build strong teams
A strong team has solid growth, low turnover and robust profit. They work as a cohesive unit. These teams understand they are not a sum of each part, but act as a synergistic multiplier. Strong teams are built from the inside out. They are developed, grown and cultivated with purpose. Here are seven themes I […]
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