US Luxury Real Estate Stats – August 2020
US Luxury Real Estate Stats August 2020 Each month we take a look at the US Luxury Real Estate Stats.  Admittedly the numbers skew in luxury from pocket to pocket, but keeping an eye on the trends in a year over year, five and ten year gives us some very interesting insights.  Here are this […]
Sales Associates Hiring Process for Teams
For teams, Sales Associates should be brought on when you have too many leads and they are starting to fall through the cracks. You should also start looking at bringing them on as your active listing inventory grows.  A good rule of thumb is one buyer’s agent for every 5-10 listings a month your team […]
Luxury Archetype Profiles (Updated for 2020)
We have updated our Luxury Archetype Profiles for 2020!  The 70 page profile reports are specific to our eight distinct Luxury Archetypes.  They include updates throughout, and a whole new section with tips and strategies for social media in today’s world.   Get Your Profile Here   Our Luxury Archetype Profiles were developed through years […]
High Net Worth Holdings in North America
A study of the High Net Worth holdings show optimism in real estate and business. The anti-wealth fever is creating significant conversation as we head into the 2020 elections. With as much of the rhetoric politicians dish out about wealth, they seem ignorant of how it is created and used. Most wealth, especially in North […]
Business Growth Calculator
Tools and Downloads Our Business Growth Calculator is one of our annual review tools we use with agents in our Private Client coaching program.  We believe in measuring progress and stepping back from time to time and evaluating how to improve.  The Business Growth Calculator is an Excel file with all the hard work done […]
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