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Our 15 Min Week at Glance Template is one of our annual review tools we use with agents in our Private Client coaching program.  We believe in measuring progress and stepping back from time to time and evaluating how to improve.  The 15 Min Week at Glance Template is an Excel file which allows you to take a visual snapshot as to where your time is going.


Philosophy and Methodology

We are really intentional in our own lives and encourage our clients to live in the same.  With that said, our tools and core systems are designed the way they are on purpose and through years of trial and error.  Everything we do has a reason behind it.

This tool is designed to allow you to see where your time is going and where you can be more efficient. We have our clients keep track for a week, then highlight the different activities.  Green for those personal things which are positive like sleeping and exercising.  Blue for business activities that are dollar productive in nature.  Pink for lead generating.  The balance is the time you can take an honest look at at how you can be more productive with.

For example, when you are driving, make phone calls to your Book of Business or listen to something educational in nature.  Spending a lot of time doing admin work?  Maybe take that with you and do it during a weekday open house.  If you aren’t exercising, start with taking 30 minutes from Netflix to take a walk.

We are happy to walk you through it if you have any questions.  Feel free to contact us anytime.

15 Min Week at Glance Template imgInstructions

Step One

If you haven’t already, download the B&P Font Files and install them on your computer(s).  Since this is an active Excel file (which can be converted to Google Sheets or Apple’s Numbers but we don’t recommend that), you will need to have the fonts installed in order for everything to print properly.  We have included a PDF of the file so you can see how it is supposed to look when printed.

Step Two

If you haven’t already, download the zip file and start using the 15 Min Week at Glance Template in your business.

Download the Template

Important Reminder

As always, we are here to help.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

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