CEO Priorities: Master the Art of Surviving at the Top

Some say leaders are made, while others say they are born. Whichever the case, organizations need strong leadership in order to accomplish specific long-term goals. A CEO, in this sense, has to have the necessary qualities that can pave the way forward. To nurture these qualities, it’s important to know what you should be focusing

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Conquer the Chaos

You’ll have to agree that, despite all the technology we currently have at our disposal, the same challenges to starting a business still remain. Ironically, it’s still a technology that operates and maintains these issues. It’s chaotic, to say the least, but successful entrepreneurs surely know better than to be passive.   Over the weekend,

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A Culture of Purpose

A lot of entrepreneurs are still hazy on the subject of building a business culture of doing good; like helping people or the environment – is a big jump towards maximizing profit. Workers and Customers alike are looking for meaning, not just employment and commodity prices. Virtually, every company needs this kind of focus to attract the best

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