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Change Lessons from the CEO

The only thing that’s constant in this world is change. We are in such a state of flux that we are made to choose between adapting to the current or going against it. Surely this is also true in the world of business where innovation is endless. Companies will have to choose between survival or failure.
Apparently, you don’t have to be a genius to state the obvious choice.


Entrepreneurs only want the best for their businesses. That is why they invest time, money, and effort in maintaining a secure income stream and preventing their businesses from collapsing. But what exactly should entrepreneurs do to move forward amid an ever-evolving business environment?

Indeed, this is a question that business leaders will need to answer. In my case, I found very valid points from a book I read last week entitled Change Lessons from the CEO: Real People, Real Change written by Johan Coatseee and Patrick Flood. One key lesson is that leadership should always be an important ingredient to a business’ success. Still, in the face of constant change, leadership should go hand in hand with the ability to adapt to certain situations. At the end of the day, it’s how you embrace change that really matters the most.

For Coatsee and Flood, leaders will need to understand the nature of change and how it’s affecting not just them, but also all other employees. In this case, business leaders will have to develop a mindset that allows them to embrace change.

I particularly liked the part in which the authors would often point out the importance of nurturing one’s own team. After all,  being the frontlines, employees will have to develop or improve core skills so they can face change head on. For this to be possible, though, strong leadership is vital. You can’t create a fully adaptive team without someone who provides guidance and support to their employees, and not just someone who “acts like a boss.”

Leadership is all about making sure the machine is well-oiled. As the mechanic, a rational businessman  won’t really settle for “good enough.” This is a challenge that modern entrepreneurs will still need to face. It’s only a matter of knowing what their employees want and how they can help in the business’ growth. For sure, it’s important for business leaders to become role models themselves. Employees, after all, realize their own need for professional and personal development. In this sense, the authors pointed out that, for people to survive the onslaught of change, they will have to learn how to adapt. Let’ emphasize the word “learn” here.

Learning is a process

Now, learning is a process and I am always very thankful for the payoffs I received last year because I have been keeping an open mind when it comes to business. I always know you can’t really make it through without having to learn new concepts. Nonetheless, after I have finished the book, I realized that we can never stop change from happening. There are things in life that just come out of the blue to derail our successes – and for no apparent reason!

But it doesn’t mean we should all stick to our guns. The slightest change can still cause a massive setback, so business leaders will need to be extra vigilant. Change readiness is the key here, so you will have to make sure to address the needs of your employees and guide them through the process of adapting.

Overall, Change Lessons from the CEO is a great read filled with important insights into the nature of change. If you’re struggling with an uncertain world, you simply need to roll with the punches.


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